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Comprehensive Description

"Diaseris may be confused with Cycloseris, but the form of the corallum in the two genera is distinctive.  In Cycloseris the disc is rounded and entire.  In Diaseris it is either wedge-shaped segments or rounded but split into wedge-shaped segments.  This continual production of regularly shaped pieces can readily be distinguished from regeneration that occurs as a result of damage.  Most fungiids, including Cycloseris, are capable of regeneration that may result in the formation of an irregularly shaped corallum.  However, such a corallum is irregular rather than segmented.  Diaseris is usually found on soft substrates and reef slopes away from areas of vigorous coral growth.  It is very mobile and is capable of both climbing and digging hollows in the sand in order to right itself."  (Dr. Elizabeth M. Wood, 1984).  

Author(s): Archer, Cameron
Rights holder(s): Archer, Cameron


Wood, D. E. M. (1984).  Corals of the World.